The Humanity Project

To create and implement innovative programs that teach children and adults how to use cooperation and social connection for individual development and grassroots community improvement


The Humanity Project offers a variety of programs for both kids and adults. These programs put our mission into practice through real-world action:

Anti-bullying Through The Arts — This is the Humanity Project’s all-original anti-bullying program for grades K – 5. This program begins with a live 40-minute assembly that includes a positive rap song, roleplaying, stories and a music video – all created and produced by the Humanity Project. The program continues with follow-up classroom materials and, when requested, classroom visits. Pre/post testing to date has shown the program is highly effective.

How This Serves Our Mission: We teach bystander students that bullying hurts everyone in school, not only the bullied students, and that action by everyone is needed to help stop bullying. Bystanders learn the value to themselves and others of action for the greater good. Our program connects bystanders with bullied students and shows those bystanders how to cooperate with the bullied students to end the bullying behavior.

Also see the Humanity Project’s free “Anti-bullying Advice For Parents” on this website:

And read our article “Stopping Violence In Schools” by Humanity Project Board of Directors’ Vice President, Dr. Laura Finley, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology at Barry University:

Read Dr. Finley’s article for the Humanity Project on the relationship between school bullying and crime: “Bully Today, Criminal Tomorrow”:


“I Care!” Teen Driver Safety – “I Care!” was created by talented high school authors working under the guidance of the Humanity Project. They wrote a book called, “I Care! Just Let Me Drive!” and this innovative teen-to-teen creation forms the foundation of our program. “I Care!” uses all-original poetry, quizzes, stories, photos, graphics, even a comic book as a fun but powerful way to communicate memorable lessons about safe driving. But then the program asks students to share this book with their three best friends, who must pledge to drive with more concentration and cooperation — not out of fear but rather out of friendship. The message is simple: “Don’t drive safely for yourself. Do it for your best friends, who want to keep you in one piece because they care about you.” The “I Care!” program now also includes a special website created by teens, for teens as well as original videos, Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr pages and more.

How This Serves Our Mission: The program relies on social connections and positive peer pressure as methods to encourage safe teen driving instead of the usual ineffective scare tactics. It emphasizes cooperation among friends as well as cooperation on the roads. “I Care!” is all about helping young drivers to feel connected to other people and to respect those relationships by practicing sensible driving habits.

Download the complete “I Care!” book for free as well as additional copies of the “I Care!” pledge form:

Visit the “I Care!” website:


Thp4kids — “The Humanity Project 4 Kids” can be found at It is a special, teen-created website made for an equally special group of kids: socially isolated middle school students, including many in the LGBT community. The website’s content is all original from the Humanity Project: videos, music, blogs and poetry, interactive games and quizzes and more. This unique website is intended as on online friend and advisor to struggling students who feel disengaged from family and friends in the everyday world.

How This Serves Our Mission: The website connects younger students in their often-difficult middle school years with older students who have successfully dealt with that period in their lives, including gaining a better understanding of sexual identity issues. Our high school contributors include members of the Gay-Straight Alliance among many others. Thp4kids offers engaging, entertaining lessons that teach middle school kids how to see their individual differences in a positive light, encouraging them to be unique contributors to society.

Visit the thp4kids website:


Shared Value For Adults — This original, empirically based program teaches the Humanity Project’s core message in practical ways to adults. Drawing on psychological realities anyone can recognize in their own lives, we show Humanity Project members how they can help other individuals during daily life in ways that also serve their own best interests. A win-win approach to living.

How This Serves Our Mission: We teach adults sensible, doable methods to incorporate the empirically based ideas of shared value in their everyday world. This allows them to apply cooperation and social connection to improve life for themselves, other individuals and society.

Also read our article that explains more about this, “What Can Shared Value Do For Me?”:


At-risk Reading & Writing — This is another all-original program for young people, teaching at-risk readers new skills through helping them to write their own short stories and poetry. This series of workshops for middle school students resulted in the creation of a new booklet for the Humanity Project anti-bullying program, authored by kids for kids. The booklet is called, “I Was A Bully … But I Stopped” and is provided to each teacher at every school visited by the Humanity Project’s Anti-bullying Through The Arts program.

How This Serves Our Mission: We teach at-risk students how writing a booklet that helps others also can help them better learn to read and write. At the same time, the booklet provides valuable follow-up lessons for teachers to reinforce our anti-bullying concepts in the elementary schools.


“PeacePage” and Blog Exchange — The Humanity Project partnered with our member, Haikaa Yamamoto of the Work of Art Global Project, to create the PeacePage. It is a collaboration with nonprofits and individuals from every continent, including Antarctica, all contributing photographs that powerfully express our common humanity — the deep feelings and other characteristics all humans share. And our monthly blog and photo exchange with the Egyptian Association for Educational Resources tries to show Middle East readers the human face of Americans working to help others as well as to show our American readers the same thing about humanitarians in that part of the world.

How This Serves Our Mission: We help online visitors to PeacePage and our blogs to recognize that underneath our relatively superficial differences, human beings truly are all the same at a fundamental level. People have much more in common than anything that divides us. In turn, that understanding contributes to the cooperation and social connection that can help more of us to work together toward the greater good of humanity.

Also visit our PeacePage:


“The Cool Factor: Yes, You Can Attract More After-school Teens To Your Program” — Developed at the request of Children’s Services Council of Broward County, the Humanity Project offers an original three-and-a-half hour workshop for other nonprofit groups and educational organizations about how to appeal to today’s teenagers. The workshop draws on our founder’s experience as author of 23 books as well as plays, blogs and programs for young people.

How This Serves Our Mission: We show those who create programs for young people how they can think outside-the-box to better appeal to teens while also building a program that better serves their organization’s needs – a win-win for everyone involved.


For the Near Future — This new bilingual website (The Humanity Project 4 Kids) will teach basic human values such as respect for others, respect for self, awareness of our hidden individual potential, persistence in pursuit of major goals and more. In both Spanish and English, will introduce and reinforce these ideas through truly innovative interactive techniques aimed at children from ages 8-14.

How This Serves Our Mission: This frequently updated website will express some of shared value’s key concepts in ways that will attract young people.

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