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To create and implement innovative programs that teach children and adults how to use cooperation and social connection for individual development and grassroots community improvement

Teens (and others) Helping Teens

Bob Knotts | January 29, 2014

It always is gratifying to see teens helping other teens, reaching out in ways that improve young lives. Or even save young lives. As 2014 begins, the Humanity Project is getting lots of help from our teen friends…because of invaluable funding from our great community partner, State Farm. Yes, State Farm awarded us a new $10,000 grant in January to expand our terrific I Care: Just Let Me Drive teen driver safety program. That State Farm money already is bringing results, with assistance from teens themselves … and from adults too. These new efforts include:

A Call For Diversity

Bob Knotts | January 18, 2014

We’re called the Humanity Project for a reason — our focus is on human beings. But we couldn’t resist using the photo you see here anyway. Cute shot, huh? And it helps to make a point: Even some animals can learn to embrace diversity. Among human beings, accepting diversity is one key to helping us move forward as a species. You’ll find photos that show some of that diversity on the Humanity Project PeacePage, listed above on the menu here on our website.

“No Bullying Around”

Bob Knotts | January 10, 2014

Those are the words from the Humanity Project’s original rap song, the piece that begins our acclaimed Anti-bullying Through The Arts program: “We want no bullying around!” the rappers sing out to our elementary school audiences. Today I just wanted to let you know that our program is back in action, doing what it does best. We teach kids that, “Bullying hurts everyone in this school … and it takes everyone to stop it!” Yep, on just the second day of the winter/spring semester, your Humanity Project was back in action in the schools.

Socially Isolated Youth Get Cool Website

Bob Knotts | January 3, 2014

There will be a new look for a new year, all aimed at offering insight and encouragement to socially isolated youth. Our website will unveil a major kid-friendly facelift in a matter of weeks. We think it will attract more students to the site, based on early comments by students themselves. The changes are being designed by talented students at South Plantation High School in Plantation, Florida, under their teacher, Madeline Rosario. This is happening only several months after the site launched online.

From Us … To You

Bob Knotts | December 31, 2013

A joyful, healthy, productive and constructive 2014 to everyone … from everyone at the Humanity Project!

An Invisible Butterfly?

Bob Knotts | December 28, 2013

The Humanity Project is proud of our programs and other contributions to improve the world we live in. One of our unique offerings is a set of fables, eleven sophisticated but simple and brief stories for adults. Each one deals with living life more fully by focusing not on “me” but rather on “us.” The latest fable was just posted and we wanted to share part of it with you here, hoping you will go to the link on this website to read the rest. It is called “The Tale of the Invisible Butterfly”:

Listening To The Change

Bob Knotts | December 18, 2013

Things are slowly changing in the United States — and I suspect in some other countries too. Changing attitudes about the way we drive. Yes, it’s true that far too many drivers pay little attention to handling a car when they’re on the highways. They check email, text friends, talk to business associates and whatever else. Eating a hamburger? Why not? Cranking up the tunes to deafening volumes? What’s the problem, right? Except that, slowly slowly slowly, those attitudes are evolving. More and more folks recognize the profound dangers of distracted driving. At the Humanity Project, we are dong our part to help. Specifically, our unique I Care:Just Let Me Drive program for teen drivers is reaching more and more of the young people who need it.

My Thoughts on Bullying (A student’s view)

site administrator | December 12, 2013

(Editor’s Note: This blog was written especially for the Humanity Project, offering a student perspective on bullying — with solid advice that is useful for both adults and youthful readers.) By Esther Calixte, Barry University. Growing up I personally experienced bullying. When I was in grade school I was constantly bullied by other kids because of my weight. I always told the teacher but she never believed me. The teacher always told me, “You’re big enough to defend yourself.” I was bullied verbally and sometimes physically. The kids would push me and laugh at me, and when I fell, they would tease me even more. …

A Faithful Friend To Kids

Bob Knotts | December 3, 2013

Last month, Children’s Services Council of Broward County sponsored the Humanity Project’s Anti-bullying Through The Arts program for the sixth consecutive year. Our thanks, as always, to CEO Cindy Arenberg Seltzer as well as Director of Public Affairs Sandra Bernard-Bastien and their great staff of professionals. Their support, and their friendship, mean a lot to THP — and to the children of our community.

Anti-bullying, By Memory

Bob Knotts | November 27, 2013

Our blog today is going to be brief. Mostly because I hope you’ll go to the YouTube link and check this out for yourself. I’d rather have you do that than read lots of text. Here’s the link: Click here! And here’s what you’ll see: The Humanity Project’s clever original hand sign to help stop bullying. It’s part of our highly acclaimed Anti-bullying Through The Arts program, which we teach to kids in grades K – 5. So yes, this is for elementary school children. We came up with the idea in 2010 as a memory aid to reinforce our main message: “Bullying hurts everyone in this school … and it takes everyone to stop it!”