The Humanity Project

To create and implement innovative programs that teach children and adults how to use cooperation and social connection for individual development and grassroots community improvement

Humanity’s Elevator

| January 28, 2016

Sometimes it’s hard to find exactly the right words. If someone asks you, “What’s the Humanity Project?” … how would you answer? Well, we have a suggestion today in this brief post. They call it an “elevator speech.” It’s what folks who run a business create to tell others about their work quickly, something so brief they could say it in the time it takes to ride an elevator with someone. So here’s our suggestion for your Humanity Project elevator speech:

Kids Helping Kids

| January 13, 2016

You can see the Humanity Project’s trademarked slogan on our home page above: “Helping kids to help kids!” When you think of the Humanity Project, remember this phrase. That’s who we are. We help kids to help kids. So let me begin 2016 by explaining a bit more about why that’s true.

Hope For 2016

| December 30, 2015

There is so much good reason for hope. There seems so much good reason for despair. As we prepare to begin 2016, I wanted to offer a few thoughts that some may find encouraging. I often find the need to remind myself about all the uplifting things, the encouraging things … yes, the hopeful things happening around us every day.

A Group Hug

| December 15, 2015

This blog is our thank you to the Children’s Services Council of Broward County for their friendship and loyalty to the Humanity Project. They just have renewed their sponsorship of our organization, this time supporting our unique I Care: Just Let Me Drive teen driver safety program.

A True Community Partner

| November 24, 2015

We’re grateful to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital … For the past several years, this important health institution has sponsored the Humanity Project’s programs, first our anti-bullying efforts and then also our teen driver safety program. This month, JDCH renewed that sponsorship with a generous, and much-needed, check to us. We thank them, most sincerely.

Major National Attention For The Humanity Project

| November 8, 2015

The Humanity Project is featured in a great new article in State Farm’s national online magazine, Good Neighbors. The story talks about the expansion of our unique and innovative teen driver safety program, I Care: Just Let Me Drive. We hope you’ll want to click on over to read the story — and perhaps post a comment:

Humanity Project Turns 10!

| November 1, 2015

On November 3, 2005, the State of Florida incorporated a new nonprofit organization called the Humanity Project. As the Humanity Project’s founder, I paid the state fees out of my own pocket — and paid for just about everything else too for the next few years. As this group turns 10-years-old, I’m proud of what its become. And we hope you’ll help us to celebrate during our two-month, holiday-time 10 year anniversary party, something we’re calling the “10 By 10 Humanity Party.” Meaning, “10 years and 10 dollars” for our cause. That’s all we’re asking you for. Just ten dollars, tax-deductible.

New Sponsor Helps Us Help Kids

| October 31, 2015

We’re pleased to announce a new sponsor — and an upcoming online auction they’re helping to make happen. The upscale art gallery, Blue Gallery, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida has donated a wonderful artwork to the Humanity Project’s fundraising efforts this autumn. And in so doing, they help us to help more of the kids who need us. You can visit the gallery in person if you’re in the area or online at

Helping The Community

| October 24, 2015

A brief post to share some pictures with you … taken at two of our most recent community events. First, reading to pre-K kids as part of an attempted world record for group reading — I have to admit I never did hear if we all set the record or not. But I sure enjoyed reading to the charming children at Learn & Smile Preschool this week. Then we attended the big annual Halloween event for Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, a loyal sponsor of the Humanity Project. …

Talk To Your Teen Driver

| October 17, 2015

We usually avoid citing lots of numbers in these blogs — statistics can be confusing and, let’s face it, just plain boring. But National Teen Driver Safety Week calls for a few figures to make our point. Our great Humanity Project sponsor, State Farm, was one of the major organizations that worked with Congress to designate the third week in October as a time set aside to discuss teen driver safety. ICareLogo — high resOf course, State Farm also helped us to create our I Care teen driver safety program, now with a book for teens and another book for parents.