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To create and implement innovative programs that teach children and adults how to use cooperation and social connection for individual development and grassroots community improvement

Anti-bullying Resources For You

| July 8, 2014

Yes, indeed. The Humanity Project’s highly regarded Anti-bullying Through The Arts program has generated many free materials to help you deal with bullying, especially if you’re a parent worried about aggression in school. Those resources are as close as another mouse click.

Be Our Guest

| June 30, 2014

Oh yes … We’d love to have you as our guest. Meaning, as an official Humanity Project Guest Blogger! You may have noticed in recent weeks that we’ve been posting guest blogs more frequently. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll find some of them.

Bullying And Physical Illness: The Connection

| June 19, 2014

(Editor’s Note: This blog was written and provided to the Humanity Project by Lisa Bonet, a writer on mental health issues. We believe it focuses on a little understood consequence of bullying. A portion of the article and a link to the full story by Ms. Bonet are included in the post below.)

Thanking Our Sponsors

| May 30, 2014

Sometimes you just have to stop and say, “Thanks!” That’s what I’d like to do with this brief post. Thanks to those who make it possible for the Humanity Project to do what we do – thanks to our sponsors and community partners. If you take a look at our About page on this website, you’ll find a very interesting fact: 100% of our money goes to our programs.

See Our Program For Yourself

| May 24, 2014

A short post today about a video you really should see. Most Humanity Project friends and supporters have never had the chance to attend one of our live, in-school anti-bullying presentations. Now, though, you can view some very brief excerpts in this YouTube video.

Get In Touch With Us

| May 15, 2014

We love to hear from you! And yes, we are available to help when you need something from us. How do you get in touch with the Humanity Project? Well, there are several ways. First, of course, go to the Contact page above. You’ll find our phone number and email address. If we’re not immediately able to talk with you, we’ll get back to you very soon. Then there’s our social media. Look over on the upper left side of this home page and you’ll see them: Social media tabs for our main pages.

Testing Shows I Care Program Works

| May 9, 2014

Yes, early results are in … at last. Surveys conducted by Barry University sociology majors for the Humanity Project show that our unique I Care: Just Let Me Drive teen driver safety program works — just as we always thought it would. We also have some results from students at Royal Palm Beach High School. And those numbers tell us the same thing. I Care works!

Kids Hospital With A Heart

| May 2, 2014

Today, we thank our loyal friends at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. They have stepped up now as an official sponsor of our truly innovative I Care: Just Let Me Drive teen driver safety program. JDCH also renewed their longtime sponsorship of our acclaimed Anti-bullying Through The Arts program. Both programs now will be offered through their great Community Relations Department, headed up by the dynamic Milin Espino.

THP Service Learning

| April 25, 2014

This week, a new video for you … So we won’t take much of your time with reading our blog. We hope you will want to check out this newest Humanity Project YouTube video, though. You’ll hear a brief discussion by one of our great student volunteers, a young high school student named Aaron. The video is only about one minute-long. In it, Aaron talks about his work on the amazing redesign of our Humanity Project website for socially isolated students, including many LGBT kids. That site is (The Humanity Project 4 Kids). Listen to Aaron describe how much he has learned by working with the Humanity Project. We’re proud of the service learning opportunities that we’ve provided to many students — middle school and high school students, even some in elementary school. Click on the link to watch the video, please. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Something New … And Hopeful

| April 16, 2014

If you still haven’t signed up for our free monthly email newsletter, we hope this might, well, inspire you to do so now. Because the newsletter has changed, coming to you in a more concise form that also is more uplifting than ever. We’ll keep this post brief — just long enough to show you a few of the changes we’ve made to the once-a-month-only Humanity Project Newsletter. This screen capture image isn’t large enough to include the lovely photo at the top of our April 2014 newsletter. But we think this gives you the idea.