The Humanity Project

To create and implement innovative programs that teach children and adults how to use cooperation and social connection for individual development and grassroots community improvement

A Heads-up For Parents

| June 21, 2016

Perhaps you are a parent or maybe a grandparent of a teenager. Or possibly you’re an educator who works closely with teens. We have something you should hear: a new podcast with advice that might save the life of your teen driver.

Meeting Hate With Love

| June 12, 2016

It is the day of the mass shooting in Orlando as I write this. It has seemed a long day – and obviously a very sad one for all caring human beings who are aware of this tragedy. But even as a gunman took so many lives out of his hate for gay Americans, even on this very day, something hopeful already emerged. I wanted to tell you about it while it’s fresh on my mind. I’ve just returned from a vigil at the Pride Center in Wilton Manors, Florida, something hurriedly arranged to help LGBT folks and allies come together to help each other cope. The Humanity Project is a proud LGBT ally, never more proud or resolute than now in our determination to teach children the importance of respect, diversity and self-value. ….

Of Kindness And Kids

| June 4, 2016

I was struck by a remark from President Barack Obama just the other evening. And I found it very relevant to the work we’re doing here at the Humanity Project. In a town hall meeting, the president asked a question: “How do we make sure kids are treated with kindness?” The Humanity Project is one of the many fine organizations worldwide that work to answer this important question.

Join Our Leadership Council

| May 21, 2016

I want to extend an invitation to you today through this blog. You won’t need money to accept it. You won’t need to make any sacrifices in your life. You only must commit to helping us help kids (and parents) with whatever time you can spare. Consider joining our new Humanity Project Leadership Council.

Our Fund (and our new friends)

| May 15, 2016

This week we very proudly announce a major new sponsor for the Humanity Project. We welcome Our Fund to the distinguished list of community partners that you’ll find on our Sponsor page. Our Fund is a foundation that connects the LGBT community in South Florida. They support organizations that improve the lives for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Stories About Living More Fully

| April 30, 2016

A very brief post about some very brief stories you should read … stories about you and about all of us. These original Humanity Project tales offer valuable life lessons, something we hope you’ll share with the kids in your life. You’ll find them on the “Fables” menu tab … or just click here to visit the page …

We Are Proud Of Them

| April 23, 2016

The Humanity Project is proud that two of our older student volunteers have been busy in the community during the past week. One of them was honored with an award. Another visited a school to lend his expertise to other kids. Both of them have been deeply involved with our acclaimed teen driver safety program, I Care.

I Care 3.0

| April 16, 2016

The Humanity Project today announces a major expansion of our acclaimed teen driver safety program, I Care: Just Let Me Drive. We’re just now in the throes of creating important new additions to that part of the program aimed at educating parents of teen drivers. And, for now anyway, we’ve called that expansion I Care 3.0!

Too Much “Me”

| April 9, 2016

A more personal blog from me today as founder of the Humanity Project – but on a topic that very much involves our organization’s mission. For some long while now, I’ve been noticing something new in our society. I can sum it up in one word: “Me.” Our culture always has nurtured a me-first environment, of course. Children are encouraged to compete against others and win rather than to compete against themselves and improve.

We Couldn’t Do It Without You!

| March 29, 2016

Sometimes you have to take a few moments from a busy day to thank the people who matter to you. For no other reason than that – just because they are special in one way or another. They make your life better. For the Humanity Project, those people include some wonderful folks from some wonderful organizations. Too many individuals to name them all … But we can thank them by thanking their organizations: Our great Humanity Project sponsors.