The Humanity Project

To create and implement innovative programs that teach children and adults how to use cooperation and social connection for individual development and grassroots community improvement

Positively Good News

| March 23, 2015

We like to think of the Humanity Project as a relentlessly positive nonprofit group. We focus on what we can do to improve things rather than wringing our hands about all the problems in the world. With that in mind, we think you’ll enjoy the new podcast we posted just this afternoon – a program with lots of good news about our innovative I Care: Just Let Me Drive teen driver safety program. With a new $15,000 grant from State Farm, we’re creating a major expansion of I Care … this time aimed at parents.

Meet Our Board Of Directors

| March 14, 2015

We’ve added a new, and overdue, page to this website. Now you can find photos and bios for our entire Board of Directors

A Day For Hope … For Us All

| March 8, 2015

They call it “International Women’s Day.” But, really, it’s a day for us all, men and women and kids alike. I’m writing our blog on this special day designated to encourage women’s equality for a reason that fits very much into the mission of the Humanity Project, as I’ll explain in a moment.

One For The Team

| March 1, 2015

This is a personal blog today — about something that very much includes the Humanity Project. No, I have no major announcement, no huge news. Just a brief story to tell about meeting a man who personifies for me the notion of excellence in the service of a team.

Tests Show Our Anti-bullying Program Works

| February 21, 2015

We’re proud. For six years now, pre/post testing conducted by schools themselves consistently shows the Humanity Project’s acclaimed Anti-bullying Through The Arts program works. Over and over, these tests given to elementary school kids tell us that our message sinks in: “Bullying hurts everyone in this school … and it takes everyone to stop it!” Our program is based on scientific research and empirical study, with an emphasis on teaching bystanders how to help curb bullying behavior in positive ways.

Generosity Philosophy

| February 11, 2015

We’ll keep this post brief — mostly because we hope you’ll do more listening than reading today. A wonderful organization called Generosity Philosophy produces a weekly podcast, with the Humanity Project featured in the latest episode. You’ll hear Generosity Philosophy founder, Kim Trumbo, talking with me about our work here at the Humanity Project.

I Care 2.0 … Something For Parents

| January 27, 2015

We are excited to announce a major expansion of our innovative, and highly effective, “I Care: Just Let Me Drive” teen driver safety program. Now comes “I Care 2.0″ — something to teach parents how to help their kids drive safely. It’s an important new effort generously funded by a $15,000 grant from our great partners at State Farm, continuing the company’s consistent commitment to I Care.

A Student’s Voice Against Bullying

| January 19, 2015

(Editor’s Note: This blog was written especially for the Humanity Project by Stephen Ross, a Florida high school student. Please also look for the link in this blog to Mr. Ross’s fine anti-bullying song and video, “Choose 2 Luv.”) My name is Stephen Ross; I am a senior at Olympia High School in Orlando, Florida. In September of last year, one of my classmates committed suicide. It is believed that bullying had a lot to do with this tragic event. I really wanted to do something that could have an impact on bullying at my school and at other high schools across the country. I decided to use my love of songwriting and passion for music to create an audio-visual message that would hopefully create a “mind-heart shift” among my peers.

Getting Better All The Time

| January 10, 2015

There’s a line from a wonderful song by the Beatles that goes, “I’ve got to admit it’s getting better, a little better all the time.” As 2015 begins, that’s our message from the Humanity Project to you. Despite the headlines, despite all the tragedy and illness and death that seem to surround us, things in the world actually are getting better. Want proof? Consider some statistics.

Happy 2015!

| December 31, 2014

Everyone at the Humanity Project wishes you a joyful, healthy 2015! May we all make great leaps forward!