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Humanity Project: Making News (in 2 languages)

Yep, we’re in the news again. The Humanity Project has attracted many news stories over the years, almost since our founding. National, regional and local media have recognized that we’re doing something different and valuable for the community.

South Plantation High School students work with us to create "I Care!"

So we were very pleased to see that our “I Care!” teen driver safety program already has attracted news coverage — months before the program is actually launched. That’s because our approach to teen driver safety is so unorthodox, drawing on teen-to-teen friendships and positive peer pressure rather than the usual ineffective scare tactics. You can read more about “I Care!” in two languages. The Spanish language El Sentinel, sister newspaper to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, ran a recent story on our program. Here’s a link to that well-done piece, en Espanol:,0,6835264.story. If you’re looking for coverage in English, you can find a good story from the Plantation Forum newspaper:,0,1165776.story?track=rss. Either article will give you a bit more detail on what we’re doing. We anticipate many more media stories about “I Care!” as the program nears completion and then goes to teen drivers. Thanks, El Sentinel and Plantation Forum for this early reporting on our work. And thanks to State Farm for making the program possible through a generous grant as well as to our friends at South Plantation High School in Plantation, Florida. Students from the school newspaper are helping us to create this program from the ground up, with assistance and support from their terrific teacher Sarah Lerner. We all believe that “I Care!” is going to be something very special.

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