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Good Neighbors Still

A short blog today to thank our good friends at State Farm Insurance — the local folks who have supported us for years. We just received a check for their continued backing in 2012. And, as always, we appreciate it. Here in South Florida’s Broward County, the nation’s sixth largest school district, these men help the Humanity Project to help our community and beyond. They sponsor our free monthly podcasts, which now are promoted nationally by Google. And they contribute to our efforts to stop school bullying with our acclaimed Anti-bullying Through The Arts program. These days, we get calls from around the United States coming from schools, Boy Scout leaders, PTO officials and others, all asking for our assistance with their bullying problems. We do our best to advise them and to offer our services, for free.

Our good neighbors at the local State Farm offices understand how much we do to combat bullying and to bring some important information to the Internet with our professionally produced podcasts. Of course, the national State Farm headquarters also is providing significant financial support for the Humanity Project in the form of a grant to create our new “I Care!” teen driver safety program. We are deeply grateful for that. But today, just a few words to thank our longtime local State Farm friends, including Eugene Dixon, Craig Holloway and John Gentry.  We appreciate the support, guys!

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