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Some Things Do Change

This morning I went for a walk around my neighborhood in South Florida and spotted a bumper sticker on an old car. It read, “Some Things DO Change.” I got thinking about how refreshing that reminder is in today’s world, during a time when it’s so easy to feel discouraged. Because the bumper sticker has it right. Some things do change — many things, actually. Just look around for yourself. In my own lifetime, black people, women and others have gainedĀ a level of social equality that once seemed a distant hope. Now lesbians and gays, bisexuals and transgender people are slowly acquiring the same rights. More countries around the world offer greater democracy. There are fewer wars, believe it or not. The list goes on and on. Some things do change, truly. At the Humanity Project, we believe that optimism about the future is a sensible attitude warranted by the facts. And we’re doing what we can to add our efforts for positive social change.

The Humanity Project is helping young kids learn about the importance of ending school bullying

Look at the photo in this blog: Our acclaimed Anti-bullying Through The Arts program is teaching young children about the problem of bullying and how they can stop it. That’s just one of many examples right here within this one organization. We also receive vital support from our great community partners and sponsors, folks such as Broward Sheriff’s Office, State Farm and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. Their backing for our efforts is another instance of social change as community-minded large organizations offer assistance to smaller groups like the Humanity Project. In the end, we’re all in this together. And many good things are happening if we’ll only look beyond our disappointments and pain. There’s a long, long way to go to improve lifeĀ for many more people, yes. But we must never lose hope that we’re making a real difference. Oh yeah, that bumper sticker is correct for sure: Some things Do change.

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Robert Spencer Knotts is founder and president of the Humanity Project, author of 24 books, five plays and numerous other works. His website through the Authors Guild is at


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  1. Bob Knotts says:

    Thank you, Carter, for your most interesting comment. You’re welcome to post here any time. We look forward to your thoughts in future.

  2. Things are starting to change indeed. Theists if different persuasions are starting to question the authenticity of the scriptures and interpretations that are seen to have driven humanity apart. It will be a long, slow journey, with each generation making it’s own small measure of progress, but we can all see now that we have a common ground, atheists and theists alike, and that nothing can stop us but our own unwillingness to act. I write articles on this theme on the Theamology blog at

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